Rifugio Brentei will remain closed the whole summer 2020.


My dearest Guest,

As we are writing you the world is facing Covid-19 pandemic. A drama that is severily affecting us all in our daily life, and something that has never been faced in modern times. In order to fight the outspread of this terrible virus, most productive and working activities have been shut down, with a consequent heavy loss of employment.

This coming summer will be very hard for us too as hut wardens.

The lock down of the working activities will in fact heavily weigh on all activities related to hiking, mountaineering and mountains. And it will make the organization of our refuges very difficult and complex.

Given all this, in the face of objective assessments relating to the Covid-19 emergency as well as in consideration of the profound restructuring works to which the Brentei Refuge will have to undergo, we are to inform you that

Rifugio Brentei will remain closed the whole summer 2020

Reluctantly therefore, and contrary to what was previously announced, throughout the summer of 2020 we will not be able to welcome you in our hut.

This is a difficult decision we as hut wardens (the Leonardi family) have taken in concert with the owner of Rifugio Brentei (The Italian Alpine Club – CAI, Section of Monza) in the face of the most recent events.

We trust in your understanding and we hope to have you again as our guest in the Brentei Refuge starting from next summer 2021.

For any evolution on the activities of our refuge, in the face of new decision taken by the competent authorities in the Covid-19 emergency management, we will keep you informed on these pages.

With the hope that this difficult situation will soon end positively for everyone, we take this opportunity to wish you and your family serenity and health in this difficult historical period.


The Leonardi’s

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